About Us – Mission Statement

Traditionally Yield Plus has always been focused on helping both large and small scale commercial farmers around the world to achieve greater success through organic and environmentally friendly growing practices.

Yield Plus is not part of a giant conglomerate or corporation. We’ve always been a small, earth conscious and ethical company, providing innovative ways to raise the highest quality plants… naturally.

And we will always stay that way!

Recently we’ve decided to point our focus in another direction. We’re finally ready to take this success to the mainstream public… to home gardeners, plant enthusiasts, flower lovers and growers of all kinds!

And in doing so, we aim to promote organic gardening and make it more a pleasurable and satisfying experience for gardeners of all ages… including the newbies… the experienced learners… and the veteran green thumbs alike.

In Yield Plus we have something truly special here! It’s more than just a way to grow the best organic plants. It’s the key to enhancing the well being and supporting busy lifestyles of people looking to connect to nature through gardening and embrace clean, healthy living.

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