How to Prepare Yield Plus for Use

Using Yield Plus is easy, but it does take care and discipline! Keep in mind, Yield Plus is a concentrated amino acid solution and needs to be diluted and applied with water. You will also need to prepare the water to be used for spraying.

The steps below will show you how to do all this…

What You Need:

  • A spray bottle, tank or watering pale… anything you typically use for watering plants.
  • A clear glass or plastic measuring cup.
  • Yield Plus
  • pH Green Plus
  • Fresh water (preferably filtered and from a trusted source).

Quantity to Use

1 milliliter (ml) for each 1 liter of water is all you will need


If you have a spray bottle of 2 liters, you will measure out 2 ml of Yield Plus to add to the water. However individual plant needs may vary.

Before You Dilute Yield Plus in Water…

You need to consider the water you are using. Water is usually very alkaline, with a pH of roughly 7.6. It is crucial that that the water be buffered… to raise the acidity… BEFORE adding Yield Plus. You should aim to lower the water’s pH to be 4.0 to 4.5.

To Buffer the Water – pH Green Plus

Use pH Green Plus – specifically designed to buffer the pH of water and improve the efficiency of Yield Plus.

Quantity to Use

Just like with Yield Plus, pH Green Plus also requires 1 milliliter (ml) for each 1 liter of water.


  1. Measure out the amount of water you will be using and note how many liters.
  2. Measure out the corresponding amount of pH Green Plus (for example, 2 liters of water would require 2 ml of pH Green Plus).
  3. Mix the pH Green Plus with the water in the spray bottle.

Once the water is buffered, add Yield Plus…


  1. Measure out the corresponding amount of Yield Plus for each liter of water you will use (for example, 2 liters of water require 2 ml of Yield Plus).
  2. Add the Yield Plus directly to the buffered water, in your spray bottle, and mix well.

Now You’re Ready to Treat Your Plants!


Always maintain the ratio of 1 ml to every 1 liter of water used for both Yield Plus and pH Green Plus.


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