Yield Plus


An organic nutrient solution boosting plants closer to their full, natural potential.


 Yield Plus gives plants extra strength to protect themselves… and overcome all kinds of stress… including things like heavy rain… lack of moisture… drought… wind… hail… pest attacks… disease… poor soil… and more.

Mix Yield Plus with water and spray plants regularly. It’s quickly absorbed and enters the plant at low concentrations… and starts working right away!

Yield Plus is an extremely concentrated nutrient solution – it’s in liquid form… and is very long-lasting. 1 milliliter per 1 liter of water is sufficient for almost all treatments. With just 1 liter you could even have enough Yield Plus to cover several growing seasonseven for several different gardens.

Yield Plus also comes packaged with pH Green Plus – the water preparation buffering solution.

Yield Plus – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Is Yield Plus a fertilizer?

NO, it is not a fertilizer. Nor is it a replacement for fertilizers or good gardening practices.

Is it safe?

Yes, Yield Plus is safe for all plants and has no negative side effects.

Is it safe for human consumption?

NO, Yield Plus should not be consumed in any way, and you should avoid any unnecessary contact to the skin, eyes, mouth, etc.

Can it damage my plants?

No, Yield Plus can only improve the health of plants and will promote healing and help to reverse any damage, depending on the situation.

However, you should always be sure to use the correct recommended dosage and meet other basic requirements such as proper nutrients, water and sunlight.

How long does it take to work?

Each situation is different, depending on the growing conditions, existing stress levels and sun, water and nutrients the plant has access to.

However, with the right conditions plants can respond immediately. Otherwise it can take longer to see improvements – highly depending on other outside factors.

How is Yield Plus applied?

Is it mixed with water and sprayed directly onto leaves, roots, flowers and fruits.

  • A standard spray solution is 1 milliliter of Yield Plus for each 1 liter of water.
  • Plants should be sprayed until the solution starts to run off the leaves.
  • Seeds can be treated by applying the solution by brush, before planting to improve germination, early growth and root formation.
  • Transplanted plants can have their roots dipped directly in a Yield Plus solution prior to transplant.

Can I spray plants at any stage of growth?

Yes, Yield Plus can help plants during all phases of growth, from planting to harvest.

  • Treat seeds before planting enhanced germination, early seedling growth and root formation.
  • Spray Yield Plus on nursery plants one week before transplanting to reduce the effect of transplant shock.
  • For transplanted plants, apply Yield Plus immediately after transplanting and every 2 to 4 weeks afterwards.
  • Bare root plantings should be dipped in a Yield Plus solution containing 1 to 2% Yield Plus before transplanting.

Do I still have to use fertilizer?


Yield Plus is not a substitute for good fertilizer and gardening habits. In fact, as Yield Plus enhances and enables the plant to grow closer to its full potential, additional fertilizer will be needed to sustain and support this increased growth.

Do I have to water as much?


Yield Plus is not a substitute for good gardening practices. Depending on the type of plant, always follow the proper water schedule required.

My plants are in stress now, will it help them now?

Yes, Yield Plus will at least give the plant an immediate boost of strength to improve its core functions and endure in existing stress conditions. If sufficient nutrients are present to facilitate the growth, Yield Plus can immediately help plants to thrive even after just one treatment.

Continued improvements would depend on how long the stress lasts, how many treatments of Yield Plus applied and of course other factors including sun, water, available nutrients and any other harmful factors present.

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