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Yield Plus Case Study Library

Yield Plus has a long and successful history of helping large and small farmers and also in forestry management.

What Does Yield Plus Do for Plants?

It’s very simple… Yield Plus enables plants to tolerate certain types of stress for far longer than they could otherwise… helping plants quickly regain strength and vitality, during and after going through harmful conditions.

Protecting Plants in Stressful Conditions:

  • Extreme temperatures (cold spells, frosts, heat waves, etc.)
  • Drought and lack of moisture
  • Heavy Rain
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • High Salinity
  • Disease
  • Pest attacks
  • Reproduction

Yield Plus is especially effective when used regularly throughout the season to prevent damage.

Amazing Results… in Almost Any Situation or Type of Plant

When used correctly, Yield Plus always leads to a better quality and healthier fruit, vegetable, herb, flower, tree or grass.

Results include rapid improvement and recovery during and after stressful environmental situations… increased yields (quantity)… improved seedling growth and survival rates… larger and more consistent fruit sizes… higher quality fruit with increased solids… higher sugar content and better taste… earlier ripening and harvesting… longer shelf life and freshness with less bruising.

Case Studies & Success Stories

We’ve compiled a library of over 200 success stories from diverse locations and situations…  all showing incredibly consistent results.


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