Yield Plus – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1 – Is Yield Plus organic?

Yes, Yield Plus is an organic protein nutrient consisting of amino acids which are naturally found in plants. The amino acid L-cysteine is the active ingredient of Yield Plus.

  • The Republic of South Africa, National Department of Agriculture has officially classifies Yield Plus as an organic substance under the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds, Agricultural Remedies and Stock Remedies Act of 1947.
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies Yield Plus as a natural plant nutrient and specifies it is NOT a synthetic plant growth regulator, pesticide or herbicide. And, there are no artificial chemicals that requiring labeling Yield Plus as a synthetic pesticide or herbicide.
  • Certified in Swiss laboratories as complying to the standards for use in Switzerland as a non-pesticide, and NOT as a plant growth regulator (PGR), or synthetic substance (testing conducted by Ufag Laboratorien AG).

2 – Is Yield Plus a fertilizer?

NO, it is not a fertilizer. Nor is it a replacement for fertilizers or good gardening practices.

3- Is it safe?

Yes, Yield Plus is safe for all plants and has no negative side effects.

4 – Is it safe for human consumption?

NO, Yield Plus should not be consumed in any way, and you should avoid any unnecessary contact to the skin, eyes, mouth, etc.

5- Can it damage my plants?

No, Yield Plus can only improve the health of plants and will promote healing and help to reverse any damage, depending on the situation.

However, you should always be sure to use the correct recommended dosage and meet other basic requirements such as proper nutrients, water and sunlight.

6-How long does it take to work?

Each situation is different, depending on the growing conditions, existing stress levels and sun, water and nutrients the plant has access to.

However, with the right conditions plants can respond immediately. Otherwise it can take longer to see improvements – highly depending on other outside factors.

7-My plants are in stress now, will it help them now?

Yes, Yield Plus will at least give the plant an immediate boost of strength to improve its core functions and endure in existing stress conditions. If sufficient nutrients are present to facilitate the growth, Yield Plus can immediately help plants to thrive even after just one treatment.

Continued improvements would depend on how long the stress lasts, how many treatments of Yield Plus applied and of course other factors including sun, water, available nutrients and any other harmful factors present.

8-Can I spray at any time of day?

You should pay attention to when you apply Yield Plus:

  • It is recommended to avoid applying immediately before watering plants or rain, so that they are able to fully absorb the treatments.
  • They should have a full 4 to 6 hours to absorb the product through its leaves.
  • In hot climates, it is recommend to spray plants in the cool of the morning or late afternoon to minimize any evaporation.
  • In cooler climates, you should apply it during the warmest part of the day.

9- How much more of a yield should I expect?

Depending on the existing growing conditions and regular care you provide, you can expect your plants to outproduce any level of production you’ve previously seen. With excellent conditions and sufficient nutrients plants have doubled and even tripled their production.

Even plants experiencing severe stress and poor growing conditions have had impressive results, far beyond what would be expected given the situation.

Yield Plus will NOT help a plant grow beyond its natural genetic capacity. But will help most plants grow even better than they would’ve on their own.

10-How is Yield Plus applied?

Is it mixed with water and sprayed directly onto leaves, roots, flowers and fruits.

  • A standard spray solution is 1 milliliter of Yield Plus for each 1 liter of water.
  • Plants should be sprayed until the solution starts to run off the leaves.
  • Seeds can be treated by applying the solution by brush, before planting to improve germination, early growth and root formation.
  • Transplanted plants can have their roots dipped directly in a Yield Plus solution prior to transplant.

11-How does Yield Plus work?

Yield Plus works to improve plant health and strength by enabling most plants to tolerate certain types of stress for longer periods of time than they could do otherwise. The active ingredient, L-cysteine, is a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes levels of another amino acid called proline. Proline provides an extra source of energy and is relied on to help the plant maintain its growth and development during life-threatening conditions.

Various studies have proven the effectiveness of proline to help plants overcome various stressful situations.

Click here to learn how proline functions in plants.

12- Do I have to use a buffer with Yield Plus (pH Green Plus)?

Yes, the ideal pH level of water required by Yield Plus (L-cysteine) is around a pH of 4.0 to 5.0. Water is alkaline and typically has a pH of above 7.0.

pH Green Plus is a buffer that acidifies the water used in your spray bottle, eliminating the harmful effects to Yield Plus, maintaining its effectiveness and allowing the maximum absorption by the leaves. pH Green Plus is an effective stabilizer that controls the pH levels of water throughout the entire process, and is also an organic solution.

The quality and pH of the water in a spray tank may drastically affect the effectiveness of the product being sprayed. Different fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant nutrients require different water qualities and pH levels to perform optimally.

Unless the spray tank environment is corrected and monitored, the cost effectiveness of the application is reduced dramatically. pH Green and pH Green Plus have been formulated to overcome these constraints, correct the spray tank water and therefore increase the effectiveness of the product being sprayed.

Products applied as a spray will have optimal effectiveness when:

  • the pH of the water is correct for the application
  • the effect of harmful salts are neutralized,
  • the spread of the spray over plant surfaces is maximized
  • the period the spray is in contact with plant surfaces is maximized.

13-Does it work on all plants?

Yes, the active ingredient of Yield Plus, L-cysteine, is naturally occurring in plants. It works to increase the level of the key amino acid, proline… which is also found naturally in all plants, and provides a powerful energy source to help any plant improve growth and development.

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14-Will it work on my plants?

Yes, if you give your plants the care and nutrients they need, Yield Plus will enhance any plant if used according to the recommended guidelines.

15- Will it work in my area?

Yes, Yield Plus will work in any area, assuming there are proper nutrient levels in the soil to support the plant’s growth and development, and that Yield Plus is used properly.

16-Is it safe for pets?

It is recommended for pets to avoid ingesting, or coming into direct contact with the product on the eyes, skin, ears, mouth.

17-Will it affect good insects like bees and ladybugs?

Yes, restoring biodiversity and equilibrium to the environment as natural consequence of the increased vitality of the plant will naturally attract helpful insects like these and others.

18-Will it help with bad insects?

Yes, as the plants naturally strengthen their defenses, bad bugs will stay away as they find it harder to attack Yield Plus treated plants… and they will naturally opt to find weaker plants that make for an easier target.

19-Do I still have to use fertilizer?


Yield Plus is not a substitute for good fertilizer and gardening habits. In fact, as Yield Plus enhances and enables the plant to grow closer to its full potential, additional fertilizer will be needed to sustain and support this increased growth.

20-Do I need to use as much fertilizer?

Yes. Although Yield Plus can improve plant growth and development even with plants that have temporarily lacked sufficient fertilizer, it is always recommended to provide enough fertilizer, as plants are able to absorb far more nutrients than before.

Therefore, even more fertilizer should be used in order to fully maximize the plant’s growth. In fact as the plant grows better than normal, it will require an adequate, balanced program of macro and micro nutrients as well as sound, conventional agricultural practices.

21-Can I mix Yield Plus with other fertilizers?

Yes, Yield Plus can be mixed with most fertilizers and plant protection products, except in alkaline mixtures (see pH Green Plus).

22-Can I mix Yield Plus with herbicides and insecticides?

Yes, it is completely safe to mix with any other herbicide or insecticide.

23-Do I have to water as much?


Yield Plus is not a substitute for good gardening practices. Depending on the type of plant, always follow the proper water schedule required.

24-Can I spray plants at any stage of growth?

Yes, Yield Plus can help plants during all phases of growth, from planting to harvest.

  • Treat seeds before planting enhanced germination, early seedling growth and root formation.
  • Spray Yield Plus on nursery plants one week before transplanting to reduce the effect of transplant shock.
  • For transplanted plants, apply Yield Plus immediately after transplanting and every 2 to 4 weeks afterwards.
  • Bare root plantings should be dipped in a Yield Plus solution containing 1 to 2% Yield Plus before transplanting.

25- What are the best stages to spray a plant?

Plants are particularly vulnerable to stress at the time of flowering and fruits set. To sustain plant reproduction and development at its optimum rate, even during periods of stress, Yield Plus should be applied every 2 to 4 weeks beginning when the plant has 2 or more well established leaves.

26-Can I spray on the flowers?

Yes, any part of any plant can be sprayed. However, it is important to focus spraying Yield Plus on the leaves for the best absorption.

27-How long before Harvest can I spray?

You can spray at any time before the harvest… but you should be sure to spray at least 2 weeks before harvesting for the plant to have more time to receive the benefits of Yield Plus.

28-Can I spray at harvest?

Yes, you can spray at harvest.

29-Will it affect the emerging sprouts from the seeds?

Yes, it will greatly enhance the vitality of seedlings and you will likely see a greater amount of seedlings survive and reach the next stage of development.

30-Will it affect fruit trees budding or in flower?

Yes, Yield Plus is safe and will enhance any plant at any stage of development.

31-Is it environmentally safe?

Yes, the active ingredient is an amino acid called L-cysteine, being a key amino acid found in plants.

However, Yield Plus should not be consumed by people or pets.

32-How can I buy Yield Plus?

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33- Can I buy Yield Plus without the buffer, pH Green Plus?

Yes, however it is recommended to always use Yield Plus together with pH Green Plus to ensure the spray water is always at the proper pH level of 4.0 to 5.0, and ensure its effectiveness.

34-Can I save the remaining product once it is mixed?

Yes, after you’ve mixed Yield Plus with water that has been mixed (buffered) with pH Green Plus, you can store any leftover mixture in a cool, dark place and use it again for the next treatment.

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